SERMON: The Priesthood of Believers

Every Christian is a priest. We do not need a priest – we need to be committed to our personal priestly benefits and responsibilities. This is our call.

BLOG: What Does God Say About the Kavanaugh Accusations?

WRITTEN BY MELISSA H. STRAUTMAN, LMT What Does God Say About the Kavanaugh Accusations? Companion blog to “Credible” Better asked, what does the Bible say about determining if accusations of wrongdoing against any person are credible or incredible (not believable)?  In the sermon we are digging into this week, “Credible”, Pastor Wilson springboards off the…

Thursday Thoughts: Vol 3 | Is 25

Pastor Steve shares these links to stimulate some Thursday Thoughts… Three posts this week from the Team at The Cripplegate: If God Desires All to be Saved Then Why Aren’t They? … You know you’ve asked that question – Clint Archer seeks to answer it in 500 words: “Let me start my response by posing…

SERMON: Where Do We Go From Here?

John’s record of the Great Commission is brief, yet clear. Jesus had been sent on a mission by His Father – and now He sends us on the same mission. We cannot stay where we are and go where God sends us at the same time.

SERMON: Credible

No one saw the resurrection of Jesus. There were no eye-witnesses to this most important of events. What is required for a thing not seen to be believed? God is clear: you need evidence. And the resurrection of Jesus is proved by substantial evidence.