SERMON: The Truth About Life & Death, Part Two

Identifying Christians from non-Christians, the church distinguished from the world; this has always been an important matter. But can we know? Does the Bible give us insight into a person’s heart? A very important matter worth our consideration.

BLOG: Spiritual Growth: Killing Sexual Sin, Part 2

WRITTEN BY MELISSA H. STRAUTMAN, LMT Spiritual Growth: Killing Sexual Sin, Part 2 Companion blog to “Killing Sexual Sin, Part 2” from the study Spiritual Growth The sexual revolution from the 60’s really jump-started our current culture’s immorality.  Compatibility in relationships, especially in the sexual arena, is now the governing hierarchy instead of two people working…

Thursday Thoughts: Vol 3 | Is 3

In this week’s issue: 5 Misconceptions About Parenting, Comfort Is a Deadly Compass, and She Is Broken, and She Is Beautiful.

Thursday Thoughts: Vol 3 | Is 2

Featured this week: Why We All Struggle With Rejection, When Beauty Pours Out, and Your Smartphone Is Making You Stupid, Antisocial, and Unhealthy.

BLOG: Spiritual Growth: Killing Sexual Sin, Pt. 1

The shocking part of life is that God would choose to set any of us apart for Himself at all. Not to brush over that miracle but if that is indeed where you stand with Him right now, take a moment and give humble thanks. You are no longer identified by your sin but with HIM. Does the world know that? Can they see that?