BLOG: Exhausted from Lies

Written by
Melissa H. Strautman, LMT

Have you ever been bombarded with so much manipulation and lying that you were exhausted, and every nerve just frazzled? Well, that’s been my week in a nutshell; and it’s only Tuesday. This Christian needs rest from the world.

I work in a very liberal profession (massage therapy), and most of the peers that I interact with are not believers, to say the least. Perhaps you are in a similar field. Having social justice and pro-homosexual stuff thrown in your face on social media is now the norm. I’ve unfriended, unfollowed and blocked so many people over this. I can’t even be in a professional group to learn without having to see this stuff. One very influential man in my field posted this…

Fifty-nine of my peers liked, loved or laughed at this post and not one person called out the lie about left-handed people in the Bible. Did they just accept it as accurate? That’s scary. After another person and I eventually pointed out the blatant lie, the person who posted it said, “He got his point across.” Did he? I just see ignorance.

Ferroni’s Point

Obviously, the left-handed-lie bit is just a ruse. Let’s skip the part where adding to the Bible is actually a sin.[1] He wants us to accept that because people can’t help being left-handed, they also can’t help being homosexual. I agree. A person desiring sex with the same sex can’t help their desire for sin any more than a person can help being born left-handed. However, using your left hand to do what God says not to do (steal, kill, etc.) is using your body part to sin. Same goes for the person who uses their body to commit the sin of sexual immorality of any kind (sex outside of marriage, adultery, bestiality, homosexuality, etc.)

Only the Holy Spirit can help believers resist their desires and turn from their sin. In Matthew 12:43-45, God tells us that non-believers (without the Holy Spirit) may attempt moral reform without regeneration. It will not be successful, and they will go back to their misdeeds; perhaps even worse off.

Ferroni’s Authority to Speak

Ferroni is quite an up and coming celebrity: Sexiest Man Alive, writes for the Huff Post, etc. You can read the details here: Nicholas Ferroni on Facebook. Interestingly enough, he got “Most Influential Educators in America” with his “Teach the Truth” campaign. How ironic that such an educated, talented teacher has to lie about what God says to make a point. I guess he’s safe though…who’s going to catch him? I doubt those in his peer group even know the truth. Probably no theologians in that group.

Just days before this post, Ferroni posted this about his lesbian aunts who’ve been together for fifty years…

Can I get a #teachlies? No, my dear Mr. Ferroni…it’s not “some people” who think having sex with the same sex makes you a “sinner”; it is God Almighty, Creator of all, that says it plainly!   #sinoflying #everykneewillbow #hellishot

I wonder just what Mr. Ferroni thinks actually constitutes a “sin”, and who has the authority to decide?

A Christian’s Response

I didn’t get into a fight on social media, nor would I. I simply pointed out the lie about my beloved Heavenly Father. It would have done no good to cast pearls before swine[2] and there is no real personal relationship with anyone involved in which I could share the Gospel for correction. I am sad for all those who don’t know their Bible enough to have discerned the truth. Mr. Ferroni has helped the devil sow some evil seed here, and there will come a day of reckoning. I’m going to pray God does an Apostle-Paul-boom-you-a new-man on Mr. Ferroni. What a witness that would be with his celebrity status.

On an excellent note…and ironically as I was finishing this blog post; one of the people who’d done me dirty (another Christian) just came to me and apologized. This led to a real heart-to-heart about Christian discernment versus judging, and how God can give you over to your sin if you don’t snap out of it. She thanked me for caring enough about her to confront her and hold her feet to the fire. Little did she know I had been so disheartened that I was ready to throw in the towel with her. Thank you, God, for keeping us knit together in your church’s unity.  Help me to have more strength and endurance for your glory! #iloveyou

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[1]Revelation 22:18-19; Deuteronomy 4:2 & 12:32; Proverbs 30:6 & 30:5-6; Matthew 24:24

[2] Matthew 7:6