BLOG: Confessions of a Prayer-Hack

Written by Melissa H. Strautman, LMT

If I’d only known that there was a wrong way and a right way to pray; I’d have done a type-A-personality-makeover of my prayer life way before the embarrassing age of 46.  I’m slowly coming to the conclusion that this ‘sanctification’ thing is all about a purposeful and regular humbling of my being.  God knows that I strike out each day, doing things my own way, never asking for his help and I really only turn toward him when I hit a wall because of some ingrained beliefs:

  1. ‘God helps those who help themselves’ 
  2. God never gives you more than you can handle

Platitudes aside (and thankfully now debunked), I didn’t arrive at this on my own.  Like most people, my upbringing laid the foundation.  I remember asking my grandmother, at the tender age of seven or eight, what would happen to me if I forgot to pray, asking God to forgive me of my sins before I went to bed and then I died in my sleep.  She sadly told me that I would go to hell.  I think that was the start of my “I can do all things through post-it notes who remind me” phase; only to be trumped by the “pray-this prayer-and-you’re-saved” brochure on the toilet tank lid in my family’s bathroom.

Despite Satan’s predictable attempts to derail real salvation with fortune cookie gobbledegook, God was faithful to continue the work that only he could have started in my heart.  He led me to a Biblical husband and church family where I am constantly amazed with new mind-blowing truths every week.  There is never a show-hole here.  Hence my excitement at beginning this new blog; sharing the revelations I find in the teachings at my church (Grace Community Church in Bowling Green, Kentucky).

What’s Your Prayer IQ?

My pastor recently started an Adult Discipleship class on Always Praying.  I was so blown away that I actually had to sit down and listen to the first lesson again while taking notes.  In doing so, I made myself a nerdy little PRAYER QUIZ  just so I could cement these truths in my head.  Go ahead, take it yourself.  Be brave enough to find out what you’re missing.  Then listen to Pastor Steve’s first lesson on prayer to get anything you didn’t know.

Did you know that praying away someone’s sickness might be wrong? Did you know that there is a critical piece of information you must have before you pray for someone? Did you know that there is a certain way to pray for a non-Christian? ….and there is so much more to know in the subsequent lessons.

Next week, I’ll tackle Lesson #2.


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