View from the Pew – Decently and In Order

Well, it looks like Paul had a significant point to make while giving instruction to the church at Corinth on speak in tongues. He wanted them to know that living a daily life that reflects chaos and disorder is not a life that builds up the body or reflects Christ.

So, what did you learn from last week’s sermon about living an orderly life?

Q1: When was the gift of tongues present?

Q2: Why were supernatural sign-gifts used?

Q3: Why did the gift of tongues cease?

Q4: What are the four elements that must be present for speaking in tongues to be legitimate?

Q5: Why did the Corinthians speak in gibberish?

Q6: If sign-gifts are for unbelievers, who is supposed to benefit from prophecy?

Q7: Does God command that we live orderly lives at home, or is that just a good suggestion?

Q8: There should be evidence of  _______________ in our lives since God gives it to us as part of the fruit of the Spirit.

Q9: Finish this sentence: The life that has a gospel ______________ (in orderliness) is a life that influences for the gospel.


The gift of tongues, healing, miracles, and prophecy (direct revelation from God) were called “sign gifts” or “supernatural gifts” given to the Apostles during the Apostolic age. Only a true Apostle could do these signs (2 Cor. 12:12). These supernatural gifts were given to validate the truth of what the Apostles were teaching as coming from God. These gifts have ceased (1 Cor. 13:8) because the Apostle’s words were written down, collected, and accepted as our New Testament. Peter says that we now have a more sure gift than the sign-gifts; it’s the Bible.

Tongues is a particular gift that has to have four elements present to be legitimate, according to the Bible.

  1. The speaker would accurately speak in a language they didn’t know.
  2. The hearer would hear and thoroughly understand the words spoken in his/her language.
  3. The message was useful to edify the whole body of Christ.
  4. There was always an unbelieving Jew to witness this.

The Corinthian church members were using gibberish in the church that didn’t conform to these four rules because they wanted to present themselves as more spiritual than other believers. Paul tells them to grow up and stop the gibberish. Gibberish was something that pagans did in worship. He reminds them that the supernatural sign-gift of tongues was for unbelievers to see and hear the power of God. Paul also said that Israel would ignore these gifts.

Paul wanted the Corinthians to refocus their efforts back onto prophecy (what God already said) because that is for believers. What God has already said needs to be front and center when the body gathers, so that the body is edified (growing spiritually). He says if there is speaking in tongues, then there has to be an interpreter so that the whole body can benefit from the message or else be quiet. The church can’t be built up if they can’t understand.

Paul says that believers can and should control themselves in worship and that you will see evidence of order in their daily lives. An orderly life is a command, and God always gives a believer the ability to follow through. We are to adorn (put on) the [orderly] gospel that we say we believe. God is not a God of confusion or chaos. God is a God of order, as seen throughout creation. Galatians tells us that self-control is part of the fruit of the spirit.

“The life that has a gospel influence is a life that influences for the gospel.”

Pastor Steve Wilson

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Melissa Strautman

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