Views from the Pew: “Forgiveness – Do You Qualify?” Quiz

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What did you learn from the sermon, “Forgiveness – Do You Qualify?”?

  1. Everyone is a born a sinner. How can a sinner be made right with God (justified)?
    a. Christ forgiving your sins
    b. Praying the sinner’s prayer
    c. Baptism
    d. Become righteous first
  1. If it isn’t the quality of your religious faith that matters when it comes to forgiveness, what does matter?
    a. Your baptism
    b. Your prayer life
    c. Communion
    d. The object of your faith (Christ)
  1. The paralytic in Luke 5:20 did not outwardly show he had faith by anything he did. How did Jesus know he had true faith in the person and work of Christ?
    a. His friends vouched for him
    b. Jesus heard his testimony
    c. Jesus knew his heart
    d. He didn’t have true saving faith, and Jesus just took pity on him.
  1. What was the paralytic’s greatest need?
    a. To walk
    b. To have his sins forgiven
    c. To listen to Jesus’ sermon
    d. To forgive himself for his sins
  1. What did Pastor Wilson call it when you use reasoning and have confidence that a chair will hold you up or a car will get you to church?
    a. Luck of the Irish
    b. Diligent planning
    c. Ordinary faith
    d. Extraordinary faith
  1. What qualifies you for forgiveness?
    a. Knowledge of Christ’s deity
    b. Knowledge of Christ’s sacrifice
    c. Knowledge of your sin
    d. Knowledge of Christ’s sinlessness
  1. Who needs forgiveness?
    a. Children
    b. Anyone older than 18
    c. Adults
    d. Everyone


  1. a
  2. d
  3. c
  4. b
  5. c
  6. c
  7. d