Views from the Pew: “Genuine Christianity, Part Two” Quiz

What do you remember from the sermon “Genuine Christianity, Part Two”?

  1. A Christian does not pursue happiness in this temporal life. Happiness for a Christian comes from being poor in spirit and hungering for righteousness.
    a. True
    b. False
  2. In this sermon’s text (Luke 6:20-26), the word “blessed” means what?
    a. hopeful
    b. happy
    c. wealthy
    d. saved
  3. We don’t know all of the words Jesus spoke, but we know He always preached the message of “repent and believe.” This message also taught us what?
    a. Attributes to live by when we are saved
    b. Ethical lessons to gain salvation
    c. To examine ourselves and others to see if they are in the faith
    d. Both a and c
  4. Christians are insatiably hungry for righteousness, and our spirit groans for it. If we are incapable of achieving righteousness ourselves, how do we get to live in heaven with God?
    a. God gives us a free pass.
    b. We put on the righteousness of Christ, so God sees His Son instead of our sins.
    c. Other people can pray for us, and we will become righteous enough to gain entrance into heaven.
    d. We have to go to hell first and then God sees us as better than others and He lets us into heaven.
  5. In the Greek language, the word “righteousness” is a noun. What is its verb tense?
    a. Perfect
    b. Diligence
    d. Holiness
    c. Justify(ied)


  1. a
  2. b
  3. d
  4. b
  5. d