SERMON: Love That Discerns

While it is generally accepted that love must be serving; looking out for the interest of those who are the objects of our affection. At the same time, it is rare today to find people who accept that love must also be discerning; discriminating even. Biblical love, demonstrated by Jesus, is always discerning.

Thursday Thoughts: Vol 2 | Is 30

Today we have “Don’t Leave Your Husband For Her” from Rosaria Butterfield, “10 Things You Should Know About Pride & Humility From Jonathan Edwards” from Sam Storms, and some shopping tips from Pastor Steve!

BLOG: Spiritual Growth, Part 3

You say you believe God but do you believe The Word of God? When the Bible says that God will supply all of your needs; do you believe it? Or do you find yourself worrying? This week, Melissa shows us that we can’t bring glory to God if we aren’t fully convinced that He WILL do what He said He would do.

SERMON: Love That Serves

Every Christian understands the importance of love; love for God, love for the brethren, love for others, but do we understand what that love looks like? Jesus spends the last night of His earthly ministry with His closest disciples and gives them a treatise on love. Lesson One: Love That Serves.

BLOG: Spiritual Growth, Part 2

Last week we looked at the first stage of spiritual growth, the Baby Stage. This week, Melissa shows us that if we are going to be spiritually maturing, we will see a real change. Read more to find out what that change looks like and what goal we are aiming for.