Sentenced to Die

The great doctrines of Christianity come to us from God working in history. Thus, the Bible, which brings us these great doctrines, is a book of history.

The Justice of Injustice

It isn’t hard to look around the world, or just your own life, and find tremendous injustice. If one believes that God is sovereign over all, and is working good in it all, how do we reckon our minds to the injustices? Said another way – – “If God is sovereign and just, how can there be so much injustice? Where is He? What is He doing?”

Freedom for the Nations

Every believer enjoys freedom in Christ. But this is not a treasure to be hoarded. We must engage in the Great Commission and carry Freedom to the Nations.

Freedom for the Single

A Christian’s freedom in Christ offers each believer the possibility of reaching their potential in the kingdom purposes of God. Does the Christian single enjoy the same potential? Perhaps even greater! 

Freedom for the Wife

Freedom that Christ brings is not exclusive to Christian men; Christian women have been set free in Christ also. Nowhere is liberty more sorely tested and confused than here. What does it mean for a wife and a mother to be free in Christ?