SERMON: The Priesthood of Believers

Every Christian is a priest. We do not need a priest – we need to be committed to our personal priestly benefits and responsibilities. This is our call.

SERMON: Where Do We Go From Here?

John’s record of the Great Commission is brief, yet clear. Jesus had been sent on a mission by His Father – and now He sends us on the same mission. We cannot stay where we are and go where God sends us at the same time.

SERMON: Credible

No one saw the resurrection of Jesus. There were no eye-witnesses to this most important of events. What is required for a thing not seen to be believed? God is clear: you need evidence. And the resurrection of Jesus is proved by substantial evidence.

SERMON: First Responders

John moves in His gospel from the details of Christ’s death and burial to the encounters with the risen Lord. At the forefront of these encounters is a most unlikely woman; Mary Magdalene.

SERMON: The Burial

Perhaps the least considered aspect of the events surrounding Jesus’ death is the burial. John gives us substantial detail that is worth considering.