SUNDAY EVENING: Unconditional Election

The second of the five Doctrines of Grace deals with the sovereign choice of God in choosing for Himself those who would be the objects of His mercy and grace. It is a challenging doctrine, not because it isn’t clear, but because it forces us to wrestle with God as He reveals Himself, not the God of our own human sensitivities.

SUNDAY EVENING: Total Inability

The Reformed Doctrines of Grace express the essence of the Christian gospel. It all begins with an understanding of sin and its effects.


1 Samuel 16 introduces us to a young David. At age 15 or 16, he already carries the qualities of a man after God’s own heart. Do young people today manifest the same? What are these qualities and how can young people develop them? Listen to Pastor Steve’s sermon from 1 Samuel 16.


Anyone who considers the reality of the Second Coming of Christ is confronted with this question: “When?” The disciples asked that question and were privileged to hear Jesus’ answer.

This Weekend @ Grace

Join us for Worship this Sunday at 9:30 AM. This Sunday we will share together in the Lord’s Supper. Our Sunday evening study on the Second Coming continues at 6:00. Click “read more” for all the details!

Eagerly Waiting

The reality of the second coming of Christ is an essential Christian doctrine. At the same time, the anticipation of His coming is an essential characteristic of Christians: they should be found eagerly waiting. Listen to Pastor Steve’s Sunday Evening Lesson from Titus 2:11.