Pastor Steve shares these links to stimulate some Thursday Thoughts…

What Your Kids Really Need – – Melissa Edgington (Your Mom Has A Blog) writes: “As a mother, I can easily make this faith seem like a joke if I say one thing to my children and then live as if I don’t believe it. They are watching me to try and figure out what Christianity really looks like. And, they don’t care if I have beautifully illustrated Bible flash cards or not. They need to see a changed life. Not a perfect life, but a changed one.” You can read the rest HERE.

Reformed Perspective – – The May/June edition of Reformed Perspective Magazine has some interesting articles dealing with culture issues, family issues, apologetics and a variety of other topics. I found it an interesting read. Jay Younts writes about Gentleness: “Gentleness requires great courage. It is not for the faint of heart. Gentleness is the opposite of weakness. Gentleness is part of the Spirit’s fruit. Gentleness is the exercise of the Spirit’s power. Your anger is the exercise of your own self-centeredness.” You can read the Magazine HERE.

Sink – – The guys at PyroManiacs post regular snippets of gospel wisdom from Charles Spurgeon. Spurgeon writes: “O my Lord! How little have I done for thee! How little have I loved thee! I could faint in thy presence to think that if thou didst examine me and cross-question me, I could not answer thee one of a thousand questions thou mightest ask me. That is right, dear brother, or sister. Sink; go on sinking; be little; be less; be less still; be still less; be least of all; be nothing.” You can read the rest HERE.