Pastor Steve shares these links to stimulate some Thursday Thoughts…

Reading God’s Providence … As Christians we talk a lot about God’s Providence. But this can be a tricky matter. Nicholas T. Batzig offers some helpful cautions: “When something difficult, unexpected or surprising happens, we all sometimes ask ourselves, “Why did God allow this to happen? Or, what is God trying to teach me through this happening? Or, how will I know that God wants me to do this or that?” We are trying to read His acts of providence–in order to make sense of our lives. This is, of course, an exceedingly dangerous enterprise.” You can read the rest HERE.

On Coming Out As Fat … I found this article by Trevin Wax to be helpful and challenging on a lot of levels. He writes: “If there is no ultimate purpose or meaning of the human body (apart from whatever we, as independent individuals, decide such meaning to be), then beauty and health must be created, not discovered. And what society has traditionally said is “healthy” may be radically different than how people today construct their own definition of health.” Can such self-definition possibly produce good ends? Trevin thinks, definitely not. You can read the rest HERE.

To Our Kids on the First Day of School … School has begun in our area and parents, to varying degrees, have felt the heart-tug of watching their children go off to class. Benjamin Hoak seizes the moment to offer some wisdom from a father to his kids. He writes: “As you begin to explore, remember there is more to this life than you can see. Put your faith not just in objects you can touch, but in things unseen. Remember that something – Someone – has to keep it all going. Remember that you were created for a purpose, and you won’t feel quite right until you fill that purpose. Remember that you can see examples of redemption in all of creation, but there is only one place to find true Redemption. And remember that your mom and I love you. We can’t wait to see what you accomplish this year. Now go get ’em.” You can read the rest HERE.