2nd Hour Discipleship

The lesson below was taught this past Lord’s day in 2nd Hour (Kindergarten through grade six). If you have children, please take the time this week to review the lesson with them.

Title: God Humbles Nebuchadnezzar

Passage: Daniel 4

Principle: Believers humble themselves before God Most High.

Prompt: Ask your child these questions:

  • Why was Nebuchadnezzar punished?
  • How was Nebuchadnezzar different after the seven years?

Practice: Help your child apply these truths in the following ways:

  • By praising God for how He has made us and for what He has given to us.
  • By trusting God’s sovereignty as He rules over the kingdom of men.

This  Week: As a family, read selected portions of Daniel 4.

Next Week: Daniel 5

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