“As We Forgive Those…”

Sunday, June 9 – Pastor Dennis Toland “As We Forgive Those…”

Our relationship to God was hopelessly broken because our sin separated us from Him. It was a debt we could never pay. But Jesus paid that debt and God forgave us and reconciled us to Himself. We are to forgive others as we have been forgiven. The sins of others against us are insignificant compared to our sin against God. That’s what makes unforgiveness so repugnant and its greatest toll is always on the one who will not forgive. It is a toxin. It’s the “poison I drink hoping that you will get sick.” Forgiveness is what heals. It is the key to all relationships. It’s the greatest thing a person can do.

[wpaudio url=”http://mp3.sa-media.com/filearea/612131437136/612131437136.mp3″ text=”As We Forgive Those from Pastor Dennis Toland | Matthew 18:21-35″]

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