Midweek @ Grace

Midweek @ Grace
Wednesday, January 14, 2015
@11:30 AM – Women’s Fellowship & Bible Study
Women of the Word ~ Trusting, Reading and Applying the Bible
This Week: “Suffering – Shattering – Scattering Trials!” James 1:1-3

@7:00 PM – Choir Rehearsal

Friday, January 16, 2015
@6:15 AM – Men’s Fellowship & Bible Study
The Gospel of Jesus Christ, the Son of God – A Study of Mark
This Week: “Potential and Protection” Mark 4:30-41

Pastor Steve Recommend
Should We Leave Our Children an Inheritance? Randy Alcorn sheds some good light on a common question that Christians ask. He writes: “It seems inconsistent to say that an inheritance should be left because the Bible says so but then to turn around and do it very differently than the Bible explains. A better approach is to understand the reasons for inheritance, then see these not as rules to be legalistically obeyed but as underlying principles that we should weigh.” You can read the rest HERE.

Which Promises are for Me? Jen Wilkin gives some simple, and very important help for all who read the Bible as though it all applies to them. She writes: “Not many things are more comforting than a promise made and kept. And not many things are more hurtful than a promise broken. Knowing we worship a God who keeps his promises is a source of deep joy. But misapplied, this knowledge can also lead us to treasure-hunt Scripture for promises in problematic ways. How can we know which promises are for us? How can we lay claim to the promises of the Bible without overstepping their application?” You can read the rest HERE.


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