This Weekend @ Grace

The Lord’s Day, July 27, 2014
@9:15 AM – Prelude to Worship
@9:30 AM – The Family in Worship
Hymns, Prayer, Praise and Worship in the Word
“A Failed Delivery, Part Two” Exodus 2:1-25 | Pastor Steve
@11:00 AM – The Family Fellowship
A few minutes to build relationships … coffee and snacks served!
@11:15 AM – The Family in Discipleship
There’s a class for you! Nursery | Children | Jr. & Sr. High | Young Adults | Adults
This Sunday, the Adult Discipleship Classes will begin a new 2nd Hour Study, Atonement Thread, tracing the Bible’s story through the lens of atonement woven throughout the Scriptures, from Genesis to Revelation.  This study is available in PDF or printed format; if you would like a copy of the Personal Study Guide, please reply to this email or call the office: 270-781-2595.
If you would like to download a PDF copy of this week’s lesson, please visit our Resources Page.

@6:00 PM – The Theology Program
Session Nine: “Eschatology: Views of the Millennium”

Pastor Steve Recommends
Seeing Others the Way God Sees Them
“God gives joy and peace. Thank God. How does He give joy and peace? In believing. But wait — I’ll believe when I feel joy and peace! That will tell me I’m really a child, an elect child of God!
“No,” Paul would say to me, to you: “you have it backwards. You don’t get joy and peace, and then believe. Believe, and then you will know joy and peace.” And then … “Inside my personal echo chamber, the me I see in there is the me who doesn’t do what he ought, and does what he ought not to do, and who can save me from this wretched state? Praise be to God: it’s the Lord Jesus Christ.
And I can see me that way. You can see you that way.
But the real trick in the Christian life is to see others that way. That is: just as you are Christ’s in spite of your pitiable state, the other believers you encounter are Christ’s in spite of their pitiable state. Maybe they work too much. Maybe they are social misfits. Maybe they are essentially emotionally blank. Maybe they have never thought about a stranger’s impressions of their actions.”

The Apparent Paradox of Sanctification
John MacArthur writes: “How do you overcome sin and live the Christian life?  Is defeating sin something God does in you, or do you defeat it by obeying the commands of Scripture? In other words, is the Christian life an exercise in passive trust or active obedience?”

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