This Weekend @ Grace

The Lord’s Day, August 10, 2014
@9:15 AM – Prelude to Worship
@9:30 AM – The Family in Worship
Hymns, Prayer, Praise and Worship in the Word
“Holy Ground” Exodus 2:23-3:9 | Pastor Steve
We will also share together in the Lord’s Supper.
@11:00 AM – The Family Fellowship
A few minutes to build relationships … coffee and snacks served!
@11:15 AM – The Family in Discipleship
There’s a class for you! Nursery | Children | Jr. & Sr. High | Young Adults | Adults
This Sunday in the Adult Discipleship Classes, Atonement Thread, Session Three: “When I See the Blood…”
If you would like to download a PDF copy of this week’s lesson, please visit our Resources Page.

@6:00 PM – The Theology Program
Session Ten-B: “Heaven & Hell”

Pastor Steve Recommends
It’s Okay to Believe the Bible
“I want to shout a message into the universe.  I want to lay it at the feet of a lost generation.  I want to burn it into the hearts of those who are slowly losing their faith.  I want to pour it into the doubters, the shouters, and the rabble-rousers: It is okay to believe the Bible.”
This is an excellent reminder of why there is no shame in believing truth. Read the rest HERE.

God’s Amazing Creation
“Researchers at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI) have observed a deep-sea octopus brooding its eggs for four and one half years—longer than any other known animal.”
You’ve really gotta see this! Watch it HERE.

A Tragic Slice of History
The summer of 1944 was full of raised hopes and broken hearts all across Europe. By August, the Americans and Russians were trudging toward Germany. Warsaw was in the throes of its bloody uprising. And in the heart of Amsterdam, within arm’s reach of a busy canal street, Anne Frank hid with her parents, Otto and Edith, her sister Margot, the Van Pels family (Hermann, Auguste, and son Peter), and Fritz Pfeffer, waiting for the war to end.” Read the complete account of the day Anne Frank was arrested HERE.

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