This Weekend @ Grace

The Lord’s Day, September 21, 2014
@9:15 AM – Prelude to Worship
@9:30 AM – The Family in Worship
Hymns, Prayer, Praise and Worship in the Word
“The Gospel for Israel and Us” Exodus 6:1-7:5 | Pastor Steve
@11:00 AM – The Family Fellowship
A few minutes to build relationships … coffee and snacks served!
@11:15 AM – The Family in Discipleship
There’s a class for you! Nursery | Children | Jr. & Sr. High | Young Adults | Adults
This Sunday in the Adult Discipleship Classes, Atonement Thread, Session Eight: “The Sign of Jonah”
If you would like to download a PDF copy of this week’s lesson, please visit our Resources Page.

@6:00 PM – The Theology Program
Introduction to Theology “Defining Theology” Session Two

Pastor Steve Recommends
Three for the Ladies (but not just for the ladies)…
The Panda Predicament
“When the Reality is Different Than the Picture…
My sons and I stood there looking at the pandas. Jake spoke first, “They’re kind of dirty, aren’t they?” Josh was next, “Yeah. And they’re a lot smaller than I thought, too.” I’m embarrassed to confess that they spoke what I had been thinking. (I mean, I’m the mom, right? I totally should have known better. Of course real pandas wouldn’t be Clorox-bleached white and ebony jet black and do fancy Kung-Fu moves.) We’re all a little like those pandas bears, aren’t we? Up close and without filters, our lives are all a little less shiny, glossy, or together than we sometimes appear. A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a picture never tells the whole story.” You can read the rest HERE.

While you’re there at “True Woman” read the follow up to the Panda Article…
You Family Isn’t Perfect and Neither is Mine
“Remember those pandas? The problem wasn’t with the pandas—the problem was with the people looking at them. Though the illustration is limited, I believe the same is true in social media: the problem isn’t with the friend who posts a cute image of her family. The problem is with us when we foolishly believe that a pretty picture means a perfect life.”
You should read the rest HERE.

And one more…
Becoming Who You Already Are
“A Christian is awakened to the beauty of Christ. We are called to holiness, love, and communion with God. It took me a while to figure out that Christians need to work at being Christian. Though our salvation is accomplished by the work of Jesus Christ on our behalf, we still need to work every day to become who we already are. This is the paradox of the Christian life.”
You can read the rest HERE.


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