This Weekend @ Grace

The Lord’s Day, October 26, 2014
@9:15 AM – Prelude to Worship
@9:30 AM – The Family in Worship
Hymns, Prayer, Praise and Worship in the Word
PLAGUES “Wings, Hoofs, and Sores… ” Exodus 8:20-9:12 | Pastor Steve
@11:00 AM – The Family Fellowship
A few minutes to build relationships … coffee and snacks served!
@11:15 AM – Testimony
We will join together in the Worship Center for the testimony of Scott Gural.
@11:30 AM – The Testimony of Baptism
Join us as we celebrate the work of God’s grace in Scott’s life at Drakes Creek @ Phil Moore Park (Olde Stone side).

@6:00 PM – The Theology Program | Introduction to Theology
This Week: “Essentials of Theology” Session Six

Pastor Steve Recommends
When Dad Doesn’t Disciple
The Women’s Fellowship is enjoying a study of Jen Wilkin’s book, “Women of the Word” – – this week, on her blog, Jen writes about a very common dilemma … “Three kinds of “single moms” exist in the church: the literal single mom who is raising children on her own, the mom whose husband is an unbeliever, and the mom whose husband professes belief but does not partner in the spiritual nurture of the family.” You can read the rest HERE.

Standing Guard
Take 5 minutes and watch this video of the ovation for Kevin Vickers, the Sergeant at Arms of Canada’s Parliament, for his response and protection when he shot the gunman responsible for the killing of Cpl. Nathan Cirillo: “O Canada” at its best. Then – imagine the applause of heaven when all the Saints are assembled and acknowledge the constant deliverance and protection our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, has afforded us. You can watch HERE.

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