This Weekend @ Grace

The Lord’s Day, February 1, 2015
@9:15 AM – Prelude to Worship
@9:30 AM – The Family in Worship
Hymns, Prayer, Praise and Worship in the Word
This Sunday…
The Exodus: Wilderness U “Sabbath Grace” Exodus 16:1-36 | Pastor Steve

The Theology Program is dismissed.

Pardon Our Progress

  • A very noticeable advance this week in the renovation!
    • Drywall is all-but complete (should finish up Saturday or Monday morning)
    • Cabinets construction is underway
    • Roofing is being installed today and tomorrow
    • Front entrance is ready for brick
    • Front sign/letters are ordered
    • Front sign lighting is ordered
    • Painting has already begun in areas attached to the renovation – renovation painting will begin next week


  • Cabinets
    • Your help continues to be needed – call or text Jeff Dennis @ 270-799-2448 to schedule your time
  • Painting
    • Next week, painting schedule begins in full – call or text Cristie @ 270-779-2205 to schedule your time
  • Tree removal
    • Saturday (2/7) is the planned removal day – you can call Bob @ 270-991-2362
  • Entrances will continue to be through the breezeway during construction – parking might be impacted as the new entrance work continues – feel free to use the grass when weather permits.
  • Nursery remains in Suite 6 – thanks for helping us make this work!
  • No Second Hour ministries this week.


Pastor Steve Recommends
Denomination or Abomination  Nathan Busenitz writes: “Baptists, Mormons, and Jehovah’s Witnesses. All three claim to believe in Jesus. Yet, only one of these groups can be rightly classified as a denomination rather than a false religion.
With that in mind, the question we are asking today might be stated as follows: What are the marks of cult groups and apostate forms of Christianity that identify them as false religions—such that we can and should label them as heresies, rather than simply classifying them as different denominations?” You can read the rest HERE.

The Glory of God in Predestination   Daniel Hyde at Ligonier Ministries offers some great insight into an oftentimes maligned biblical truth. He writes: “But how often have you heard from pious and well-meaning brothers and sisters that predestination is like a cold shower on Christian enthusiasm? How many of you have heard that it is like a dry sponge that soaks up all spiritual zeal? It’s too intellectual, too lifeless, too philosophical, and too sterile of a “doctrine,” they say. Predestination is a truth given to us in Scripture, therefore we are to adore God for it, be comforted by it, and inspired by it to pray for and desire the salvation of the lost. But what makes election so glorious?” You can read the rest HERE.

Will God Save Your Kids?  Tim Challies asks, and answers this important question. He writes: “There are few things I pray for with greater frequency or intensity than the salvation of my children. I long for them to be saved, and long to be able to call them not only my son and daughters, but my brother and sisters. I long for them to profess faith, and for those professions to be proven true. I don’t only pray it and long for it. I believe it.” You should read the rest HERE.




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