This Weekend @ Grace

The Lord’s Day, Sunday, August 26, 2012
@9:15  – Prelude to Worship
– The Family in Worship
We continue our series Commissioned to Change the World
This Week: “The Straight Path to Missions” Acts 13:1-12 – Pastor Steve
@11:00 – The Family in Fellowship
@11:15 – The Family in Discipleship
There’s a class for you! Nursery / Children / Students / Young Adults / Adults

@6:00 – Theology Training: Trinitarianism Session Three
“The Existence of God”
We will be challenged to answer the question: “Why is there something rather than nothing?” and will learn that all responses
other than “a self-existing God created all that there is” are insufficient and self-defeating. We will consider the cosmological,
teleological, ontological and moral arguments for God’s existence. “He is there, and He is not silent.”

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