Volume 1 | Issue 12

Thursday Thoughts 1




Volume 1 | Issue 12 – July 16, 2015

Pastor Steve shares these links to stimulate some Thursday Thoughts…

Everybody Looking for a King, Please Raise Your Hand – Stephen Altrogge at The Blazing Center points us to our only true hope: “What we truly need is the rule and reign of King Jesus, who always leads his people in righteousness and truth. We need the king who is after God’s own heart and who will lead his people toward God’s own heart. We need a King who will obliterate ISIS, restore sexual health, and establish the kingdom of God on earth.” You can read the rest HERE.

Don’t Bind Another’s Conscience – From clothing, to home-schooling, to food and ministry: someone is always trying to make their practice the necessary practice of all others; charging those who oppose with sin. The regularity of this dangerous tendency makes this a timely read for all believers. Nicholas Batzig writes: “To be sure, we should all be zealous to teach and exemplify every principle of holiness taught in Scripture; but more often than not, individuals who are most zealous for holiness fall into the trap of teaching their personal applications of a biblical–or a supposedly biblical–principle of holiness rather than simply teaching the principle. After all, very refined personal applications of a principle tend to feel more potent–they make us feel more effective in our attempts to help people grow spiritually. However, the more refined the application the more we are in danger of crossing the fault line of legalistic conscience binding.” You really should read the rest HERE.

The Definitive Ranking of All 50 States – This is a bit of fun – find your birth state or your home state and see how you rank and why? You can see the entire list HERE.


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