Volume 1 | Issue 13

Thursday Thoughts 1




Volume 1 | Issue 13 – July 23, 2015

Pastor Steve shares these links to stimulate some Thursday Thoughts…

Critics Kill – Jason Helopolous writes a guest column for The Gospel Coalition that addresses Worship Killers. He writes: “Few things harden the soul, deaden the heart, close the ears, and chill the affections more. It serves as one of the greatest weapons of our adversary, though few recognize it. One would expect such a foe to be obvious, but it often chooses to operate subtly in the shadows of the mind and the private ruminations of the heart. It has the added deadliness of feigning holiness while encouraging pride with the false assumption we are more holy than others due to our greater “discernment.” Donning the robes of the critic maims and kills many would-be worshipers in churches every single Sunday morning.” You can read the rest HERE.

Other People’s Flaws – This article asks the question: “Are you too focused on other people’s flaws?” I’m guessing your answer might be the same as mine: “Too often, yes.” The author offers some very helpful self-analysis. You can read the rest HERE.

Hair Gel, Burgers, and Smartphone Depression – David Murray offers some insight around a variety of subjects: “If a burger joint can’t make a burger that tastes like meat, and if a coffee shop can’t make a coffee that tastes like coffee, they’re sunk. Whatever else they do, they’ve got to get their core product right. Same goes for the church. You can have all the frills, you can have slick marketing, you can have multiple programs for kids and pets, and you can re-launch every other Sunday; but without a core of faithful and worshipful preaching of God’s Word, just shut the doors and let someone cook burgers or serve coffee. They’ll do far more good.” You can read the rest HERE.


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