Thursday Thoughts: Vol 3 | Is 2

Pastor Steve shares these links to stimulate some Thursday Thoughts…

Why We All Struggle With Rejection … Dan DeWitt at TheoLatte writes: “The beauty of the gospel is that in Christ we can know forgiveness here and now. We can be reunited with God in this life. But the spiritual pain, the perceived pain, the psychological pain, the physiological pain, of rejection is not entirely undone in this life. It’s like our shadow. It will follow us everywhere we go. Even on our best day, it’s there lingering behind us, reminding us that we don’t fully know what it means to be unconditionally accepted.” You can read the rest HERE.

When Beauty Pours Out … Melissa at Your Mom Has A Blog writes: “She was walking, one tiny step at a time, up the hospital hallway when we spotted her. She looked surprisingly radiant, leaning on a walker in her pink pajamas and pink robe. She has been in the hospital for a week, her 83 year old body fighting off pneumonia while doctors and nurses prick and poke and do all they can to make her well again. Chad and I were excited to see her, our friend Carolyn who always has a smile and an encouraging word. It was good to find her up and going, however slowly, and we walked alongside her, matching her shuffling steps as she told us all about her hospital stay.” You should read this touching and challenging post HERE.

Your Smartphone is Making You Stupid, Antisocial and Unhealthy … This post comes, not from a theological or Christian perspective, but from a sociological perspective. It is a longer read, so you’ll want to put your smartphone down while you take the time to read it. Eric Andrew-Gee writes: “Ten years into the smartphone experiment, we may be reaching a tipping point. Buoyed by mounting evidence and a growing chorus of tech-world jeremiahs, smartphone users are beginning to recognize the downside of the convenient little mini-computer we keep pressed against our thigh or cradled in our palm, not to mention buzzing on our bedside table while we sleep.” You can read the rest HERE.