Thursday Thoughts: Vol 3 | Is 6


Pastor Steve shares these links to stimulate some Thursday Thoughts…

Jealousy – Respectable Sins Part 1 … Evangelical Magazine ran a series of blog posts focusing on what Jerry Bridges called ‘respectable sins’. The next few weeks I plan to share some of these with you. John Richards writes about Jealousy: “Often in our jealousy we’re striving to be at the top, to be the best, for others to put us first. But Jesus said that true greatness is not found at the top but at the bottom. ‘If anyone would be first he must be last of all and servant of all’ (Mark 9:35). After all that’s what he did, he was the first, but he became the last by humbling himself – first to become human, and then he took that further step down to death on the cross. When we feel ourselves envious or jealous we need to ask God’s Spirit to help us see Christ’s humility and so humble us.” You can read the rest HERE.

David Brainerd 1718-1747 … Another from Evangelical Magazine, Nathan Munday writes about the radicalism of David Brainerd: “Many would state that Brainerd’s extreme behaviour is no longer appropriate. I disagree. Certainly, some of his habits were detrimental to his health and he died at the young age of 29. But on the whole, his ‘extremism’ does remind me of Paul, who was both brave and bold in his ministry.” You can read the rest HERE.

Enneagram: The Road Back to You, Or to Somewhere Else?ADVANCE WARNING – yet another dangerous ‘Christian’ fad attacks the church. Kevin DeYoung writes: “Every chapter talks about some combination of forgiving myself, finding my true self, becoming spiritually evolved, being healed from wounded messages, dealing with codependent behaviors, and pursuing personal wholeness. This is not the language of the Bible. We hear nothing about fear of man, the love of the praise of man, covenantal promises, covenantal threats, repentance, atonement, heaven or hell. When faith is mentioned it’s described as believing in something or someone bigger than you. The spirituality of the Enneagram in The Road Back to You bears little resemblance to biblical spirituality.” You can read the rest HERE.