Volume 1 | Issue 34

Thursday Thoughts 1




Volume 1 | Issue 34 – February 4, 2016

Pastor Steve shares these links to stimulate some Thursday Thoughts…

Bowling Green – A New View … You’ve probably never seen Bowling Green like this … NewViewsArial.

Men, you only have 10 days to plan your Valentine’s Day plans … here are a couple of thought starters for couples:

Prioritizing Communication and Romance … Erik Raymond writes: “Married couples often struggle with communication and romance. And as a result of a lack of prioritization here we give way to laziness, selfishness, or some distraction. We take our eyes off the ball and wonder why we drop the communication and romance ball. Good communication and romance takes effort.” You can read the rest HERE.

Confessions of a Former Date-Night Legalist … Courtney Reissig offers some good counsel to relieve the pressure of “necessary date-nights”. She writes: “Dates are good. That is true. But again, so is crashing on the couch after a long day of work in the home and the marketplace. Be encouraged if you, like us, struggle to have a regular date night. You aren’t doomed to failure if you don’t get a weekly night out together. Growth in marriage often happens in these ordinary moments. As you learn to love the ordinary moments, in addition to the more spectacular ones, you will see that in these regular, mundane days that a marriage is being cultivated. And that tells a beautiful story to a watching world.” You can read the rest HERE.

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