Thursday Thoughts: Vol 4 | Is 7

Pastor Steve shares these links to stimulate some Thursday Thoughts

Introducing Darrell Harrison:
Darrell is the Dean of Social Media at Grace To You, lead host of the Just Thinking podcast (“2018 Best Christian Podcast”), and an expository Bible teacher with a passion for helping Christians understand what they believe and why they believe it.  Here are three posts from his Just Thinking…For Myself Blog:

The Christian’s Call to Purity … Darrell writes: “Lately, I’ve been ruminating on certain matters that are, or should be, in my opinion at least, of concern to professing evangelical Christians, but that seem to have gotten lost amidst the current climate of socio-political animus that exists, particularly within American evangelicalism. Among those divers concerns is what appears, to me anyway, to be an increasing disregard and apathy for purity within the church, under the guise that it is somehow obligated to offer to the world around it a kind of “big tent”, unoffensive, non-convicting gospel that is inclusive, not merely in terms of ethnicity or sex, mind you, but also of certain sinful behaviors and practices.” You can read the rest HERE.

The Majesty of Suffering … Darrell writes: “Since the Garden of Eden, uncounted numbers of God’s image bearers have earnestly inquired of their Creator – and of each other – in an incessant and seemingly interminable quest to find the definitive answer to the dilemma of human suffering. But in reflecting on why humankind has persisted for so long in contemplating such a weighty proposition as the teleology (or ultimate purpose) of suffering, it is interesting that the obverse question is never posited, that of why is there happiness, joy, and pleasure in this world.” You can read the rest HERE.

What If I Stumble? … Darrell writes: “Think back for a moment to the last time someone sinned against you. I mean actually sinned against you. That is, they offended you in a way that was a violation of God’s objective and equitable commands for how His people are to relate to one another (e.g. Lev. 19:11; Col. 3:9; Heb. 13:4). How did it make you feel when that happened? Were you angry? Sad? Hurt? Disappointed? All the above? Now, using that same biblical criterion, take a moment to reflect on the last time you sinned against someone. How did that make you feel? Were you angry? Sad? Hurt? Disappointed? None of the above?” You can read the rest HERE.