Thursday Thoughts: Vol 3 | Is 29

Pastor Steve shares these links to stimulate some Thursday Thoughts

This week we get 3 from Building Jerusalem, a blog you might want to add to your reading list.

Don’t Be Weirder Than You Have To Be … Stephen Kneale writes: “The point is that we shouldn’t be weirder than we have to be. Whilst we cannot compromise on sharing the gospel itself, we must think very carefully about how we are coming across when we do it. Is our very approach to evangelism going to put people off even before we have said anything at all?” You can read the rest HERE.

Four Reasons to Defend the Utter Sovereignty of God … Kneale again: “As a result of our sinful nature, and the reality of sin in the world, it requires God’s direct intervention in grace to bring about good. All that is required for God to permit sin – without being the author of it – is to remove his gracious guiding hand. As a result of the fall, we naturally err towards sin and thus God simply needs to allow us to follow our deepest desire at any given moment. It requires God’s active intervention to stop that from happening and to lead us into that which is right.” You can read the rest HERE.

How Can I Know, For Sure, God’s Will For My Life? … this is a brief video from David Platt that is quite helpful. You can watch the 3 minute clip HERE.