Pastor Steve shares these links to stimulate some Thursday Thoughts…

My links this week are of a challenging sort covering vastly different topics: Leadership – Racism and Genocide – Missions.

Take a few minutes and give these some consideration.

5 Questions Leaders Should Be Asking All the Time – This article from the Harvard Business Review is not written from a Christian perspective but sound leadership principles are very important no matter what your task in life may be. James E. Ryan writes: “But great leaders have to inspire the same curiosity, creativity, and deeper thinking in their employees that great teachers inspire in their students – and that starts with asking the right questions. Any answer is only as good as the question asked.” You can read the rest HERE.

What Your Biology Teacher Didn’t Tell You About Charles Darwin – Written about a Brit, from a Brit, Phil Moore encourages a more careful look at what Darwin actually espoused.  He writes: “You don’t need to be a Bible-thumping evangelical to question whether Darwin’s thinking deserves to be given a bit more thought. Whatever your views on origins and evolution, we can hopefully all agree that, at present, we give far too much honor to the British thinker who justified genocide.” You can read the rest HERE.

A World of Misery at My Very Door: A Story Tim Challies shares this story of Christian commitment driven by love for neighbors without the gospel and without a gospel church. He writes: “Her heart went out to them. As she probed deeper into Gracemount she found crowds of children who were lonely, abused, and needy. She realized that for all their needs, the most pronounced was spiritual, for most had never heard of Jesus and none had trusted him. They were deprived of many things, but most of all they were deprived of hope.” You can read the rest HERE.


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