Thursday Thoughts: Vol 4| Is 2

Pastor Steve shares these links to stimulate some Thursday Thoughts

Retirement Stewardship … Chris Cagle writes: “This picture of an older and somewhat weakened but yet healthy, green tree that is “full of sap” is another biblical metaphor for a person who is abounding in grace, fruitful in doing good works and in spirit, and who continues to find nourishment from the river of life –Jesus Christ (John 7:37-39). This is the life of the believer who, like a tree planted by a river, grows healthy and strong. Even as it ages, it continues to draw strength from the ground and the water it is planted in. Its leaves will continue to grow because their sap will enable them to be fruitful.” You can read the rest HERE.

Mr. Roger’s Deathbed Confession … Jared Wilson writes: “So Mister Rogers’s deathbed question was really a deathbed confession. He was confessing that, facing the weight of eternity and the undeniable prospect of his justification before God, he wasn’t sure that his lifetime of “sheepishness” was merit enough. Because of course it’s not. Your goodness isn’t good enough. But Christ’s is.” You can read the rest HERE.

A Different Kind of Profanity … David Prince writes: “What would you do if one of your children walked in your house and spoke a string of four-letter words? What would you do if one of your children walked in your house grumbling? I fear that most of us would drop everything and confront their intolerable use of four-letter words (and rightly so) but would say nothing about the grumbling or maybe say something like, “I am sorry you are having a bad day.” You may say, “Yes, but the four-letter words are profanities.” So is grumbling.” You can read the rest HERE.