Views from the Pew: “Let’s Kill This Hometown Boy” Quiz

What did you learn from the sermon, “Let’s Kill This Hometown Boy”?

Q1: Yes or No: Was Jesus baptized by the Holy Spirit?

Q2: In Luke 4:22 Jesus was amazing the people in the synagogue with His knowledge, until they asked what question?
a. Is this man not Joseph’s son?
b. Is this man not a Gentile lover?
c. Is this man a prophet?

Q3: The people’s question in Luke 4:22 showed Jesus that they had _________?
a. Leprosy
b. Unbelief
c. Second-sight

Q4: Jesus reminded the Jews of two times where God blessed non-Jews instead of blessing His chosen because of their unbelief. Which two prophets did He use to do this? 
a. Jeremiah and Zechariah
b. Nehemiah and Elijah
c. Elijah and Elisha
d. Elisha and Jeremiah

Q5: The angry synagogue mob tried to throw Jesus over a cliff. What happened instead?
a. They changed their mind
b. The disciples overpowered them
c. Jesus simply walked right through them and on His way

  1. No
  2. a
  3. b
  4. c
  5. c