Thursday Thoughts

Volume 3

NEW! Issue 28 – November 29, 2018
This week we have Three Throwback Thoughts from 2016 Grace To You Blog on the Christ of Christmas.

Issue 27 – November 15, 2018
In this issue: Imperfections Make Sundays More Beautiful, Some Thoughts on Intercessory Prayer from Me and Dietrich Bonhoeffer, and The 99-Year-Old Who Asked for a New Heart

Issue 26 – November 8, 2018
This week: Two Videos and Some Latin – – Cars, Coffee, Theology, “Tortured for Christ”, and Lectio Continua

Issue 25 – October 11, 2018
Three posts this week from the team at The Cripplegate: If God Desires All to Be Saved Then Why Aren’t They? Six Ways the Songs We Sing Should Transform Our Lives, and The Plight of Churchless Christians

Issue 24 – September 27, 2018
This week I want to take this space to highlight the current threat to the gospel from those who seek to make a pursuit of social justice in the culture an essential aspect of genuine gospel endeavor. A formal statement – a refutation and defense – has been issued by some faithful evangelical leaders that is worthy of our attention. This issue affects every Christian church; ours being no exception.

Issue 23 – September 20, 2018
Rebirth of the Gods: The Normalization of Pagan Spirituality, Call Sinners to Do the Impossible, Favoritism in the Church

Issue 22 – September 13, 2018
The Folly Bound Up in the Heart of a Child, Runs in the Family, and Women, We Need His Word.

Issue 21 – September 6, 2018
Willing to Suffer, From the Ears, to the Brain, to the Heart, and A Lifelong Dream Washed Away.

Issue 20 – August 16, 2018
Good Days, Bad Days, Suffering and the Shepherds’ Crook, and Why You Need to Be in Church This Sunday

Issue 19 – July 19, 2018
Some Digging Deeper reading for men and women, husbands and wives, fathers and mothers.

Issue 18 – July 12, 2018
Ask Yourself This: What Burdens Is That Other Person Carrying?, Assigned Meaning vs. Inherent Meaning, and Faith Grows Amid Storms

Issue 17 – June 21, 2018
“Immediately”, “Her Name Is Monroe Christine” and “The Dangers of Distracted Parenting”

Issue 16 – June 7, 2018
This week: Good Apology vs. Bad Apology, Submission is a Mark of Maturity, and Growing Old Graciously.

Issue 15 – May 31, 2018
The False Gospel of Expressive Individualism, Theological Primer: Substance and Accidents, and Is Your Church Christian or Christianish, in this week’s issue.

Issue 14 – May 10, 2018
Double the Trouble if You Ignore the Context, God Put You in the Pale Blue Dot, and Imagine There’s No Hell.

Issue 13 – May 3, 2018
Learning to See Glory in the Frustration of Parenting, Christian Hospitality is Radically Different from Southern Hospitality, What About Divorce and Abuse?

Issue 12 – April 19, 2018
The conclusion of Why Francis Schaeffer Matters; Also “The Problem Is Enmity Not Ethnicity” and “Is My Dad in Heaven?”

Issue 11 – April 12, 2018
Why Francis Schaeffer Matters, Parts 1-6

Issue 10 – March 22, 2018
In this issue, Your Body Is a Temple, Not an Idol, The Benefits of Listening to the Elderly, and 5 Signs of the Times.

Issue 9 – March 15, 2018
This week we’ve got Is Hospitality Your Mentality, 10 Things You Should Know About Church Membership, and Men, God’s Control and Self-Control.

Issue 8 – February 22, 2018
In this week’s issue, “Selfishness”, “Chosen” and “The Missing Word in Our Modern Gospel”.

Issue 7 – February 15, 2018
This week, Pastor Steve shares “Tragedy in South Florida School – A Prayer of Lament”, “Worry”, and “The Jerusalem of the East”.

Issue 6 – February 8, 2018
In this week’s issue, Jealousy, David Brainerd 1718-1747, and Enneagram: The Road Back to You, Or to Somewhere Else?

Issue 5 – February 1, 2018
In this week’s issue, Love Is War: A Reflection on 10 Years of Marriage, The Question That Reveals the Heart of the Culture Wars, and Why Church Isn’t Comfortable (And Shouldn’t Be).

Issue 4 – January 25, 2018
This week – The Race, The Challenge, and The Finish

Issue 3 – January 18, 2018
In this week’s issue: 5 Misconceptions About Parenting, Comfort Is a Deadly Compass, and She Is Broken, and She Is Beautiful.

Issue 2 – January 11, 2018
Featured this week: Why We All Struggle With Rejection, When Beauty Pours Out, and Your Smartphone Is Making You Stupid, Antisocial, and Unhealthy.

Issue 1 – January 4, 2018
New year, new volume! In Issue 1 of Volume 3, we have The Staggering Consequences of Neglecting Your Bible, Leaving Christianity, and On Being a Christian Woman in the Year of Our Lord, 2018.

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