Thursday Thoughts: Vol 4 | Is 5

Pastor Steve shares these links to stimulate some Thursday Thoughts

All three of my shared posts come from – and his own Thursday A La Carte: they were just too good to not pass on.

How One Word Changed the Meaning of a (Really) Beautiful Song … Eleazar Maduka writes: “So much of our theology is expressed in songs. And songs display what we believe (or think) about God and ourselves. If we think ourselves responsible for our salvation, it becomes evident in our songs. If we believe God to be our loving Father, it is inevitably expressed in our songs. That’s why so much thought must be put into what we sing.” You can read the rest HERE.

Distrust of the World Should be a Mark of Christianity … Melissa at Your Mom Has a Blog writes: “Parents, even Christian parents, are far too trusting of what the world produces. If it has the label “for kids” on it, parents put it in their child’s hands without a hint of worry. American Christians are practically experts at burying their heads in the sand, choosing to allow their children to consume things that are vaguely bothersome, but if it’s made for kids, then how bad can it really be? Parents make decisions without stopping to consider who is producing the content that their children are being exposed to.” You can read the rest HERE.

A Day in the Life: Women and Men … Nathan Yau and the folks at FLOWINGDATA have created a fascinating visualization of how men and women spend their days. Check this out! HERE.