Views from the Pew: “It Is Written” Quiz

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What did you learn from the sermon “It Is Written”?

Q1: After 40 days Jesus realized He was hungry, and Satan engages Jesus again, why?
a. Satan saw Jesus’ humanity and perceived Jesus to be weakened.
b. Satan felt sorry for Jesus and wanted to feed him.
c. Satan wanted to see Jesus do a miracle.
d. Satan was hungry too and wanted some bread.

Q2: Is Jesus vulnerable to Satan’s attacks because He is hungry?
a. Yes, He turned the stones to bread.
b. No, He is full of the Spirit.
c. None of these
d. Both a and b

Q3: True or False – Satan knows that Jesus is the son of God?
a. True
b. False

Q4: What is Satan’s purpose while tempting Jesus to eat?
a. To drive a wedge between Jesus and God, the Father
b. To plant doubt regarding the Father’s love for Jesus
c. Both a and b
d. None of these

Q5: Jesus models how to respond to Satan’s attacks, is His response defensive or offensive?
a. Defensive, meaning He tries to run away.
b. Offensive, meaning He advances.
c. None of these
d. Both a and b

Q6: Yes or No – When Satan tells Jesus He will give Him all the kingdoms of the earth, does Satan have authority to do so?
a. Yes
b. No

Q7: Jesus shows us how to advance the mission and fight the devil, how does Jesus fight?
a. With the Word of God
b. He retreats
c. He calls angels to help him.
d. None of these

Q8: How do you sharpen your sword of truth?
a. You must know scripture and discern good and evil (Hebrews 5:14).
b. Use a wet stone
c. The sword does not get dull.
d. None of these

Q9: As a Christian must you put on your armor and fight or can you avoid encountering the enemy?
a. You can’t run or avoid the enemy.
b. You have to fight offensively.
c. Both a and b
d. None of these the fight is over.


  1. a
  2. b
  3. a
  4. c
  5. b
  6. b
  7. a
  8. a
  9. c