Thursday Thoughts: Vol 3 | Is 12

Why Francis Schaeffer Matters …

Some of you have been following the series on Francis Schaeffer over the past couple of weeks. Here are links to the final three installments:
“The Church in Culture”, “The Responsibility of the Church in Post-Modern Culture”, “The Role of the Church in Cultural Transformation”.

Thursday Thoughts …

The Problem is Enmity Not Ethnicity … Darrel Harrison writes: “Notwithstanding the fact that there is no such thing as ‘race’, neither biblically nor scientifically, the notion of “racial reconciliation” is both nonsensical and irrational. The truth is ‘race’ cannot reconcile anyone because it has no heart so as to desire to do so nor a will so as to commit to doing so. Sin has so thoroughly corrupted our nature that only the heart-transforming gospel of Jesus Christ can remedy the deep-seated enmity that separates us first and foremost from God and, consequently, from one another (Gen. 4:7, 6:5, 8:21b; Jer. 17:9).” You can read the rest HERE.

Is My Dad In Heaven? … Does the Roman Catholic Church have even a shred of biblical, gospel-oriented faith left in it? Ask their Pope.