Volume 1 | Issue 11

Thursday Thoughts 1




Volume 1 | Issue 11 – July 9, 2015

Pastor Steve shares these links to stimulate some Thursday Thoughts…

God’s Hand In Your Life – – Alistair Begg publishes a daily devotion that “modernizes” Spurgeon’s classic, “Morning and Evening”. Today he writes of the reality of God’s present work in your life and my life. Begg writes: “It is a delightful and profitable occupation to mark the hand of God in the lives of ancient saints and to observe His goodness in delivering them, His mercy in pardoning them, and His faithfulness in keeping His covenant with them. But would it not be even more interesting and profitable for us to observe the hand of God in our own lives?” You can read the rest HERE.

Hello, I Am an Idol – – Nicholas McDonald at the Gospel Coalition introduces you to someone, or something, you already know well. He writes: “Hello. I am an idol. Don’t be afraid, it’s just me. I notice you’re turned off by my name: “Idol.” It’s okay. I get that a lot. Allow me to rename myself.” You should read the rest HERE.

Are We Really Totally Depraved? – – Current cultural events have placed the concept of depravity into the social dialogue. So is such a notion true? Or just the fancy of Christian’s too-quick-to-judge tendencies. R. C. Sproul answers: “Are Our Minds Totally Depraved? Yes. The doctrine of total depravity asserts two key points. First, all that we are has been affected by the fall. It impacts our hearts, our minds, our bodies, our desires, everything about us. There is no untouched area.” Your personal evangelism will be helped by reading the rest HERE.

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