Volume 1 | Issue 2

Thursday Thoughts 1




Volume 1 | Issue 2 – April 9, 2015

Pastor Steve shares these links to stimulate some Thursday Thoughts…

You Are Dust – – Tim Challies reminds us that we are not designed to carry our burdens alone. Self-sufficiency is a dangerous goal that is unattainable for Christians. He writes: “We Christians put on a good face, don’t we? Each of us shows up on Sunday morning looking like we are doing just fine, like our lives are on cruise control, like we have had the best week ever. But ask a couple of leading questions, and probe just beneath the surface, and it soon falls apart. Each of us comes to church feeling the weight and the difficulty of this life. God has something he wants us to do in these situations.” You can read the rest HERE.

He Knows – – No matter the difficulty, one of the greatest encouragements we have is the reality that He knows. Melissa Edgington at “You Mom Has a Blog” writes: “The future spreads out like an undiscovered playground, and it looms like a terrifying storm, and in both things I see it is true.  God knows. We are intimately known and exquisitely cared for.” You will be encouraged to read the rest HERE.

Believers Dating Unbelievers – – This issue comes up again and again. While any biblically aware Christian must acknowledge that God forbids marriage between a Christian and a non-Christian – – what about dating? Is that different? Warren Peel over at “Gentle Reformation” writes: “Many young people fool themselves into thinking they will be a good witness to the one they’re dating, but if you are truly serious about seeing that person come to Christ, then going out with them is probably about the worst thing you can possibly do. For one thing, you’re teaching them that obeying God’s word carefully and comprehensively isn’t all that important if it gets in the way of something you want to do.” Please take the time to consider this carefully by reading the rest HERE.


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