Volume 1 | Issue 21

Thursday Thoughts 1




Volume 1 | Issue 21 – September 17, 2015

Pastor Steve shares these links to stimulate some Thursday Thoughts…

Helping an Unfinished Husband … Elizabeth Wann at Desiring God has a helpful article for wives and their vital role as helper. She writes: “Being a helper means we need God-given discernment to know when to encourage, when to graciously confront, and when to be silent and pray. When we fulfill the role of helper in marriage, it can be the catalyst for change in our husbands, so that they can live and lead like Christ. The role of helper is as much or more spiritual and emotional as it is physical.” You can read the rest HERE.

Spiritual Disciplines Aren’t Legalism … Over at the Unlocking the Bible blog – the matter of discipline and legalism is confronted: “Don’t let the fear of legalism rob you of the benefits of a regular pattern of walking with God.” You can read the rest HERE.

A Calvinist Evangelist … Oxymoron? … Keith Mathison at Ligonier writes: “The fact of the matter is that Calvinism is not inconsistent with evangelism; it is only inconsistent with certain evangelistic methods. It is inconsistent, for example, with the emotionally manipulative methods created by revivalists such as Charles Finney. But these manipulative methods are themselves inconsistent with Scripture, so it is no fault to reject them. In order for evangelism to be pleasing to God, it must be consistent with the whole system of biblical teaching. But what does such evangelism look like?” You should read the rest HERE.


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