Thursday Thoughts: Vol 3 | Is 3

Pastor Steve shares these links to stimulate some Thursday Thoughts…

5 Misconceptions About Parenting … Starr Meade writes about parenting and how we can hinder our children from coming to Jesus: “What would we most want our children to take from our families when they are grown? Do we want our children to know God, as he has revealed himself in his Word, and to love him with a love that moves them to glorify and serve him all their days? Do we want Christian piety in our children?” You can read the rest HERE.

Comfort Is a Deadly Compass … Erik Raymond writes: “When given choices we often tend towards that which is going to be the most comfortable and most personally rewarding. But what if our compass is defective? What if the right sense of direction would tell us to do the hard thing that requires humility? I believe that personal comfort is a deadly compass.” You can read the rest HERE.

She is Broken, and She is Beautiful … Glenna Marshall writes: “The Church is broken because she is made of broken people. But she is also beautiful because she has been healed by a beautiful Savior. I find pieces of my sanctification in serving alongside the members of the broken and beautiful Bride of Christ. He will surely present her pure and spotless before the Father one bright, glorious day.” You can read the rest HERE.